Since the final decision in February, nothing has

Since the final decision in February, nothing has improved. I reported to everyone that would listen during the divorce including my former lawyer and the Guardian ad Litem on the case that the childrens father was not taking care of them.

They lived with their father for two years before the divorce came to trial. In that time he never took them to a dentist. The only time he took any of them to a doctor was for my son’s football physicals.  Incidentally now, he is no longer playing football due to his failing grades which I also reported to the court. I reported that food items in the home were labeled for the live in girlfriends child, and my children were not allowed to eat it, and were afraid to break that rule even when I told them to as I received phone calls and text messages that they were hungry. I have dozens of receipts from Pizza places that I ordered food online when they had none. 

I reported that the youngest was not eating at school because she won’t eat the food at the school and he refuses to pack her a lunch.  

I frequently have lunch with her at school, and hear often about her friend. The most recent time that we had lunch the friend joined us. I noticed she had two drinks, and alot of extra food in her lunch box. During our conversation, I was told that the child had so much extra because it was her habit to share her lunch with my daughter. 

The final decision of the court included a paragraph that states “Due to the parents inability to communicate with each other, all parental decisions will be made by the father.”

Jon used this paragraph in a text to tell me I was not allowed to take my son to an emergency room for a serious ingrown toenail.  I was on  my way to the hospital with him, and Jon interrupted to take him himself. 

Now, months later the toe is still not healed, and he is not being taken to the doctor. Yet I am told I cannot. 

The youngest wears contact lenses that were due to be replaced April 1st. When my daughter asks her father his response is “That’s your mothers job.”. That wouldn’t be a problem if I were in the same state which I am not. I am on tour trying to keep up with his child support payments. 

My son is walking home three miles a day with pain in his foot. My daughter has red sore eyes. My son hasn’t been to a dentist since I took him prior to our divorce, and my daughter has never been in her life at eleven years old. 

There have been two occasions that my daughter has spoken to individuals in her class about her father indicating sexuality. Once was investigated when it was reported by the school, but dropped when my daughter denied saying it. The second was found in a facebook conversation and the court ruled that I made it up without even asking any of the children involved in the conversation. 

My daughter overhears the live in girlfriend speaking badly about her and saying that “children like that should be sent away”. It is a nightmare for a mother to have no recourse, no ability to protect, no authorities to turn to. 

I contacted the Guardian that was assigned to the case Friday to tell her that Kala, the girlfriend that causes so many of our problems, had showed up at church following us with a camera. We tried to be discreet and exit a side door to avoid the embarrassment within our church when Kala came running at a full sprint out the front door of the church with the camera stretched out filming us pulling away in the car. 

The constant harassment and abusive language that is used in any and all dealings with the children are becoming too much to handle. If I were in High School, Kala would be suspended for the behavior. But we are adults, so instead there is little I can do. I filed for a restraining order and was denied. Yet, if I take my protection into my own hands then I will be responsible for a penalty for my actions. Yet there is no penalty for hers. 

This is the most recent email that she has sent me. 

Hi kelly Michaels, just heard your message on your voice mail and it said you prefer texts.  Glad to see that you still have an active number on your website.  Atleast it shows that you are still working as an escort.  I suppose you surely would not want to lose any business since it says you charge up to $200 per hour.   You should have no trouble paying your child support since your hourly rate is so high.  I just wanted to let you know that i love all your websites, you should be proud of yourself and the life you have made for yourself.  Anyway I called your hotline because I wss hoping you would answer so I could  let you know that when you have a problem with me please contact me directly so we can end this once and for all.  Do not have Jason jump out of the car to speak to me when you are driving illegally, do not have your girlfriend drop you off at the corner to avoid hearing what i have to say, and do not speak to jon about what you think i have done that is wrong!
 .  As you well know I am not the one that ever does anything wrong.  All I do is gather the evidence of what you are doing wrong.  Which is always something.  I can take pictures of whatever I want and there is nothing illegal about it.  I have had enough of your behavior and the fact that you think you are always right and that the world revolves around you.  I am done with your nonsense of not following court orders and the shit you try to pull all of the time.  Why dont you grow a set of balls and stop hiding behind everyone else and contact me since you feel the need to discuss me with everyone else.  I cannot wait for you to move away or get put away for lack of payments.   Atleast if you go away your children will finally have a chance at a normal life which is what jon and i provide for them.  With you around all you create is chaos.  And dont worry, you cant submit this into evidence as another try at cyber stalking since this is my first and only text to you.    kala


What am I to do? It is stressful, and troubling.  Trying to decide if I take the gamble of reporting to DCF or if I should keep quiet. I feel that if I keep quiet I am allowing my children to be mistreated but if I speak up they may be put into foster care, because they have made their opinion on me clear. 

What to do?

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