I want to take a moment to address all of you visiting this website-

I am working to bring you as much documentation from the court as possible, without violating anyone’s privacy, and there are so many documents being reviewed and edited for names, that it is taking a while. 

In the meantime, the harassment and negativity continue, at a pace just slow enough to keep the police from wanting to act. I have updated the harassment report three times this week, and still see no response from St Pete Police, although according to statute this is an arrestable offense. 

I am deeply concerned by the conflict presented as my children and I waited for a second service at church, when we were confronted with a camera in the hands of the stalker. She stood in an intimidating posture, her face very unfriendly. My children and I were able to exit through a side door before she could get close to us. 

We were backing out of the parking space when the stalker came running at full speed toward the vehicle with her camera outstretched and aimed at us. I stopped the car to avoid backing into her as she approached. 

My son got out, and asked her to please go away and let us leave. She said she was filming “baby bluebirds” in a barren tree that she pointed at.  

Later that day she would send this message:

Hi kelly Michaels, just heard your message on your voice mail and it said you prefer texts.  Glad to see that you still have an active number on your website.  Atleast it shows that you are still working as an escort.  I suppose you surely would not want to lose any business since it says you charge up to $200 per hour.   You should have no trouble paying your child support since your hourly rate is so high.  I just wanted to let you know that i love all your websites, you should be proud of yourself and the life you have made for yourself.  Anyway I called your hotline because I wss hoping you would answer so I could  let you know that when you have a problem with me please contact me directly so we can end this once and for all.  Do not have Jason jump out of the car to speak to me when you are driving illegally, do not have your girlfriend drop you off at the corner to avoid hearing what i have to say, and do not speak to jon about what you think i have done that is wrong!
 .  As you well know I am not the one that ever does anything wrong.  All I do is gather the evidence of what you are doing wrong.  Which is always something.  I can take pictures of whatever I want and there is nothing illegal about it.  I have had enough of your behavior and the fact that you think you are always right and that the world revolves around you.  I am done with your nonsense of not following court orders and the shit you try to pull all of the time.  Why dont you grow a set of balls and stop hiding behind everyone else and contact me since you feel the need to discuss me with everyone else.  I cannot wait for you to move away or get put away for lack of payments.   Atleast if you go away your children will finally have a chance at a normal life which is what jon and i provide for them.  With you around all you create is chaos.  And dont worry, you cant submit this into evidence as another try at cyber stalking since this is my first and only text to you.    ka!

When I cannot feel safe in a church, or find peace there, where can I?

I did not want to have my family embarrassed and chastised while trying to worship. 

I escaped the conflict, only to have the conflict chase me outside.

The behavior is unstable. It has escalated. She graduated law school, though she failed her bar exam so although she is not a lawyer, she is trained as one. This gives her the legal knowledge to manipulate the Police Department, and go just far enough without being arrested.  Notice the end of the text where she notes that I cannot admit the text into evidence because it was her first text to me, (as opposed to the emails she previously sent, and texts to other phones?) Its clear she is calculating how much she can dish out without a punishment. 

This particular text goes further toward a physical challenge. “contact me directly so we can end this once and for all.” clearly indicates a desire for a physical confrontation. It is my belief that she is attempting to taunt and tease me into a violent response which will not happen. 

It is my fear that her statement from a previous email reading “You will wind up in a dirty rotten hole where you belong” is threatening my life. How easy is it to arrange a murder of a sex worker and then just blame it on “whores are killed every day”. 

What is one to do in my position? The police will not help. The court will not help. The stress and anxiety that this causes is unbearable. I am 37 years old being bullied by a woman that bullies my children as well. 

Who will stop this behavior? Who will stop my children’s belongings from disappearing in their home? Who will force him to take the kids to a doctor? A dentist?

Who will force him to help our son in school as his grades continue to be majority F’s?

These children deserve to be cared for, supervised, and provided with school lunches. 

I demand to know why I am not “a real option”. 

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2 Responses to Exhausting…

  1. Holly says:

    Your stalker is mentally disturbed and will fall in fail under the weight of her destructive obsession. I understand your lack of faith in the functionality of ‘the system; have you sought a civil harassment restraining order against the offending party? As she is acting illogical & inappropriately with your children about I would advise naming them when filing. I’ve as similar situation with mentally ill people {relatives} and my children, and have learned to focus on their needs first rather than try to cope. Fighting for legal protection is arduous & difficult but indispensable in the long run. remember, anyone can put a spin on your actions, but the fact that you’re left no choice put to take action speak VOLUMES.

    • whoremom says:

      Thank you for your support. I have received texts and emails from the offending party for years. In fact, Mondays Post is a montage of her contacts ranging from “You will wind up in a dirty rotten hole where you belong” to “Your garbage storing kids are far less than perfect” to a complete flip during a breakup with my ex where she sends messages of support saying “I truly hope that the court gives you a chance as they clearly are not being cared for by their father.” and more… I will not post everything here, you will read it Monday, but getting back to your question, yes.

      I first filed a police report in Oct 2012 when the belonging in a dirty rotten hole reference was made, and then forwarded to three other computers in Miami, and Tampa. I was afraid that she may be planning to have me hurt so I then stopped ignoring, and made the call.

      My husband happened to show up to pick up my daughters dress, and spoke with the police wherein he said I was a prostitute, and his girlfriend a lawyer. (My understanding is that she went to law school, but failed the bar as many times as they allow before you cant take it again, but she is not a real lawyer.)

      Her knowledge of the legal process however is what gave them the ability to manipulate the players of the court. I however, have a GED, and basically presented no case because everything I pointed out was not structured in their language.

      The officer that wrote the report spun my words to indicate that I said I wanted an arrest made before I went to trial in my divorce as if it were a scheme. I didn’t say that, and it made me look even worse.

      My restraining order request was denied as legally insufficient although I truly had fear for my life. My occupation leaves me vulnerable to a contract killing. It is sad to say, but how easy is it to have someone schedule to meet with me, commit murder and leave?

      The police said that if she contacted me again, that the arrest would be made, though the statute clearly allowed for arrest with the multiple contacts in the first report.

      Keep in mind that I have tracking reports that trace the contacts to her computer.

      Now, it is May, and I have supplemented the report six times. I spoke to police and was told that when I got back into town, they would go give her a verbal warning.

      I am done contacting Police, they won’t take me serious. I guess the cyber stalking laws are only to protect real people… not whores like me.

      Her comments on Twitter are just awful, and I feel bad because its so public, and there are so many lies, but she knows I can’t afford to hire a lawyer for a civil suit.

      I am at the point where I have decided with my children that peace is the most important thing to us. We haven’t had it in so long. I am planning to relocate to hopefully end the harassment. I am not safe here.
      The kids and I don’t want to have every visit ruined because we are all upset by her chasing us around.

      One of her tweets today asked her friend to come sit on the front porch at 5 when I pick up the kids and give me “the stank eye”.

      I am so tired from being bullied and abused.

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