The children are home, but not officially.

In February of 2013 final order was made in my divorce, granting full custody to my ex, ordering child support and minimal visitation. Removing my ability to voice an opinion in important matters. 

I was so outraged that I launched a kickstarter project, that while unsuccessful began a project in my life that has grown much more important than I first knew. 

What you don’t know is that only four months after the Judge made his order, I received a phone call from my ex husband explaining that he and his girlfriend broke up, and that he had no place to live. He asked me to take the children full time temporarily, and promised to notify the court of the new arrangement. 

He never notified anyone, and the children lived with me for the next three months. He had difficulty being approved to rent having no income documentation, because he works under the table. He called me and asked me to keep my son permanently, and that we could share my daughter 50/50. I decided to take this deal instead of taking the risk of going in front of the judge again. It was terrifying to be there. 

He kept promising to go to the court to enter a voluntary change, but didn’t. It has been more than a year now and in that time my son has turned 18 making this a battle for my  12 year old daughter only. In that respect the battle continues, but having more to lose these days I have become publicly hushed. 

I became very quiet publicly because I was afraid to anger him into pulling the rug out from under the children and I and taking them away from me again. In actuality, there is nothing that would stop him from doing so.

I am contemplating going before the judge again to make the current situation permanent,  Still though, I have been filming. 

I have filmed my story, including touring, as well as my family. I have delved into  the speaking circuit filming politically active sex workers try to break through the barriers of Whorephobia. Soon I will be heading to Washington DC to share in the dialogue, and hopefully capture the efforts in the battle for Sexual Freedom being made by the courageous organization Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. 

I am coming to the point that I am doing final interviews with Sex Workers and their families, and then I will be ready to weave this story together. If you or anyone you know is a sex worker or was raised by one, I would encourage you to add your voice to this story, and help me to present an opposing image of modern American Sex Workers and their families. 






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