Summers almost gone.

With the kids coming home from Summer Vacation, only one thing seems important. Being home with them. To do this, I have to change everything about the way that I work.

My plans this week include returning home and scripting interviews. I have been granted permission from the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance to film and invite participants to be interviewed on camera.

I will be meeting with several leading researchers and activists to discuss raising a family in a healthy, sex positive atmosphere, and how/if children of  sex workers are affected by their parents occupations.

I have been fortunate to have had many doors opened for me recently as I pursue the question of whether or not Sex Workers can be engaged in a stigmatized and criminalized trade and still raise healthy, well adjusted children.

I am also visiting Atlanta to meet with  two parents that are not afraid to share a glimpse of their family dynamic, and share some of the pros and cons of being a sex worker while raising children.


Part Two of my plan this week is to begin filming job interviews, both with a resume identifying myself as a sex worker, and also using a resume that omits that information. Understanding the true reality of being a Sex Worker that is trying to plan an exit strategy is an important  part of the film, and yet one of the most intimidating to take on.

I think the common perception is that it is as simple as it sounds to go from whore to a 9 to 5 yet my guess is that I will encounter more than one challenge along the way.

I have been filming my tours for the past year, and am now ready to change the focus to creating a new life for my children and I, now that my son lives with me and my daughter is shared equally between my  ex husband and I.

It is a blessing, but I live in fear every day that he will change his mind and enforce the courts final order that allows me only the most minimal involvement with the children.

He has not yet notified a judge of our unofficial arrangement, so I am pretty much dependent on his whims.

I haven’t dared to try to push my luck and go back to the court myself, because I fear that the children may be taken from both of us, me for being a whore, and he for allowing the children to live with me outside the courts order.

I can’t possibly know that would actually happen, but I certainly wouldn’t doubt it.

I am at the point in the film that I cannot continue to work quietly anymore,  I have been providing for them since June and during the course of the past year my ex husband had a three month period of “time between homes” and had difficulty finding suitable living arrangements that could include both of the minor children, so he resorted to giving them back to me. Why should I still be under court order to pay him child support?

I can and have proven that  the children are safe with me and in a much more stable environment than their father can provide, yet on paper I am still the whoremom that is unfit to have custody.

Now more than ever I am motivated to return to court to ask for that to officially change.

Look for updates on the courts opinions as they happen and in the meantime I am no longer going to remain silent in an effort to keep the applecart from tipping so to speak by angering their father into removing them.

The fact is that I deserve protection from that danger from the court. My families stability depends on it. I have to stand up now and face the judge to ask once again to be granted custody of my single remaining minor child, age 12.


Wish me luck.

I still need help with editing. Tour footage is HD and my equipment cannot handle it for editing.

If you are able to assist, please contact me at

I am especially desperate to find a way to remove background noise from a particularly meaningful speech given by The Honest Courtesan, Maggie McNeill.


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